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Cannot play a playlist

Cannot play a playlist

I got 2 subscribed playlists under my custom playlist.
When I click the custom playlist and would like to play the two lists inside, it enters the custom playlist instead of playing the two lists inside.
I can do it in android but not iOS.
Is there any hint?
2 Replies

Hi and welcome to the Spotify Community! 


When you say that you have a custom playlist, with to subscribed playlists inside - do you mean that you have created a playlist folder on your computer? 



If my post solved your issue, please accept it as a solution.

I understand your question, you mean that if it is saved in PC, it maybe local playlist.


But I can find that in the server (attachment 1) 


When I want to play the custom playlist (attachment 2, by long press), it shows the pictures only.


If I do it by a short press, it enters the playlist and shows the two lists but not playing them together. (attachment 3)


So I cannot shuffle the 2 playlists at once.


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