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Cannot share song with non-Facebook friend using "send to"

Cannot share song with non-Facebook friend using "send to"

It's still painstakingly difficult to use Spotify to share music with friends who are not on Facebook. After a lot of digging I managed to find my friend's username and follow him. Surely this should mean I should now be able to share music with him? Well, apparently not: using "Send To" nothing shows up, even if I try the syntax "spotify:user:"+username. I don't want to use messaging for this. Spotify should be able to handle this natively by now. Is this a bug or a feature request candidate?
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I replied to the earlier post you made but failed to see you were on mobile.

Check out this thread for this issue,

It does not seem to be implemeted on mobile yet...

I see it now. Thanks.

But it's been marked as an "idea". This is a bug or development oversight as far as I can tell. Does not work consistently across desktop and mobile.

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