Cannot sync local files from Spotify onto IPod

Cannot sync local files from Spotify onto IPod


Hello.  I am having serious trouble trying to sync my files onto my iPod.  I have noted that only local files will sync because I have done the process before successfully, however I just got the 30-day free trial version of Spotify Premium which led me to assume all Spotify songs (regardless if local files) be opt for syncing to my iPod.  It is this assumption that led me to “Restore my iPod.”  Now, I cannot sync my files without Spotify crashing everytime.  No matter how I sync my songs (whether automatic or manual), Spotify just closes unexpectedly without any error message whatsoever.  I went into iTunes to configure my settings (i.e.. checking the “Sync only checked songs” box) and not even that helps.  I am aware Spotify is currently having issues with the new lightning connector; unfortunately this is not the problem for me.


Below is all the information about my iPod and Spotify as well.



iPod information:

Type: Nano

Generation: 6th

Connector: 30-pin to USBApple 30-pin to USB Adapter


Spotify information:

Version: (unsure if current version)

Account: Premium (Free Trial) (as of time of posting)


Other Information:

OS: Windows

Version: 7

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Before syncing your iPod, please read this post here. You won't be able to sync any tracks from the Spotify catalogue to your iPod Nano.


Regarding the crashing, were you able to sync your iPod with the lightning adaptor before?




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In regards to your last posting, you asked if I had experienced any problems before with the lightning adaptor? As stating in my previous posting, I have only the old charger and not the new lightning charger. Also, I am unsure if I even did backup my iPod nano for the first time for Spotify.


So, honestly, I had no prior knowledge of synicing songs to my iPod nano once I upgraded from the Free account to Premium. I didn't know local songs would be synced regardless. I honestly didn't read the manuel. I don't know if there is anything I can do to fix (other than what I tried; stated above.) I guess I may end up using a Media Player provided by my OS. I do have Spotify for my Kindle Fire. YAY!!!!!

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