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Cant search in playlist

Cant search in playlist

When trying to search in a playlist the keyboard aint coming up, using 3d-party keyboard if that could be the problem?

Tried pressing the searchbar again does nothing.

Looks just like in this screenshot, just fund out locking and unlocking in this state brings it up.
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Hello @Ircfox,


Is this issue resolved? If not I may be able to help 🙂 


Let me know.

No its no solved, well got it working But not the way it suppose to still no keyboard popping up when i press the searchfield.

Hello @Ircfox,


Have you tired a clean-install of the application? If not, give this a shot - let's hope it works 🙂


Instructions on how to re-install Spotify for your device can be found here:

Tried that now still same problem tough.

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