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Carplay : spotify volume very low!?

Carplay : spotify volume very low!?

Hi Community!


I've been using Spotify Premium for years now.


I used to listen to it in my cars through bluetooth.


Since I now have a new Volkswagen with Carplay, i stopped using BT.


I'm not  entirely satisfied with the Spotify Carplay app: sound volume is very low, like two times weaker compared to bluetooth.


Is that normal?


I asked to Apple Support, and they told me (in fact, I only noticed the problem with the spotify app, not the others) that this max volume issue was a problem with the spotify app and that it was a known issue.


Does anybody have it too? If it's "official", will spotify try to solve it? or is there a workaround? 


Thanks a lot!


have a nice day,



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Hello, you could try to :
- Use Spotify equalizer function and put all the slides UP.
- Check your car-system option because sometimes there's an option to level the sound in relation to the input. (for pioneer system you coul find something like "SLA Settings" and you can boost the volume a bit. For me it solves, changing the volume from 54 to 37 and i'm very happy 🙂

Hope this Help 🙂

Hi !

Thanks for your suggestions!

I will try this out and let you know.




So yesterday i checked in my car menu, nothing to boost the volume level... :s


I also tried by putting all the slides up in the spotify app equalizer. Although this rised a little the volume, I noticed it created some saturation in the sound of some songs, with a bit of crackling in my brand new Dynaudio speakers 😄


So these two suggestions won't help in my case, unfortunately.


but thank you again!

Same problem here. The carplay app isn´t very useful at all.

Same here. When I get a phone call while listening to Spotify on Carplay, the sound almost blows the windows out and gives me a heart attack because the car volume is up so high to hear Spotify at a normal volume.

Hello. I have since last month a brand new Kia Sportage with the same CarPlay problem. Spotify sound is to low and Most of the time the volume is 9 or even 10. Normal it's 4 or 5 (radio or mp3) I use an IPhone 6+ with cable. The system is updated When I get my car, so everything must Be OK... If anyone has an answer let it know. Grtz, Rene / The Netherlands

I got my brand new Kia Sportage this week and have this same issue. I have the volume on max for Carplay (45) and it's still not as loud as I used to have it through BT on my Ceed. The radio is set at volume 12-15 and that's comfortable but Spotify through carplay is unbelievably quiet.


Hope they do something about this soon.

I work for Kia, and I have this problem every day. You can listen to radio at 20-25 (out of a possible 45) and be satisfied with the volume. And there's still 20 more volume units available!!


But using Spotify on CarPlay, I often turn it up to 45, and I can still somewhat hold a conversation with the person sitting next to me.


The more major repercussion is that radio volume is very(!) loud when you turn the car back on if you forget to turn the volume down before exiting the car (which I do on a regular basis).


A solution would be great! 🙂

Is there anyone investigating this from a Spotify or Apple perspective? I'm assuming it's an app or iOS issue but doesnt seem to be going anywhere.


I think it happens on Apple Music as well if played through carplay so maybe not just a Spotify problem. Even so, extremely annoying. I've reverted to playing on Bluetooth all the time because that seems to set the volume at a reasonable level.

Actually the problem is not only with Spotify but with iTunes as well. I have Kia Sportage 2017 and yesterday evening tried all scenarios. It is a major problem.

i also have a Kia sportage 2017 and it so annoying, however i accidently clicked on shazam and the music went much louder through the apple car player i couldnt understand it, when i clicked out of shazam it went quiet again, so i left shazam opened and played it through that 🙂 

Thanks mate! Let me check that and get back to you.

It really somehow works but the quality of the sound is really crappy. It is louder but does not make sense to listen like this.

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