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Certain Songs Not Playable

Certain Songs Not Playable



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I have been running into a problem lately where certain songs by numerous artists will just not allow me to play them. They aren’t grayed out nor do they appear as if they wouldn’t work however no matter how many times I click on them they will not play. I’ve tried to work around it by playing the same song on a different album but they won’t play on other albums, it’s almost like the songs themselves are “broken”. During the times where I run into these songs not working I’m not having connection issues and I’ve tried to play some of these on both cellular data and WiFi, neither fixes the issues. This has been happening more and more lately and it’s starting to become a super frustrating issue.


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I have the same issue. The songs are grayed out on the desktop version, but not on iOS. It's actually pretty annoying.

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