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Certain songs in playlist not playing

Certain songs in playlist not playing

Hi guys, been looking for a solution but can’t seem to find one so I’m asking the question here. 


My fiancé has a spotify premium family account and added me as one of the users. We both found a playlist “I love my 90’s hip-hop” and have been playing it a bunch. If we play it from her android phone it plays just fine however if I try and listen to it on my iPhone, for some reason certain songs wont play. It starts with the Biggie track Hypnotise but that song won’t play on my phone. Works just fine on hers. It’s not just that one, Juicy and Big Poppa also won’t play for me but work fine for her. any thoughts? 





Premium family 




iPhone 7 plus

Operating System

iOS 10


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Hey Mat, I was thinking maybe the problem is that your phone does not have the capacity or has a bug that is stopping it from working. I would suggest seeing if an ICloud reset on your phone would fix it. That solution usually fixes any bugs in your phone. Just make sure that when you do the reset that you have an iCloud backup already saved. Thanks 

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