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Cheapest phone for spotify

Cheapest phone for spotify

I just broke my nokia lumia which I used for playing spotifty. I haven't got the money for a similar priced phone at the moment.

Any suggestions on a cheap phone that spotify will run on? Thanks


The cheapest you can find!! Cheers 🙂

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Moto G is pretty cheap these days and should run Spotify no probblems! 

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Yeah, the Moto G is the best phone you'll find for this price.


If you're in the US, it starts at $179 for an 8GB 3G only version. There is also the 16GB 3G only version for $199 and even a 4G enabled version with a SD Card slot for $219. These prices are for unlocked contract free phones.


Motorola sells GSM (read that work with T-Mobile and AT&T) ones here, online.

Erm, check out Xiaomi and Lenovo. These are popular phones to use in Asia, and you pay something like $140 w/out contract.

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