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Choppy Audio on iPad App

Choppy Audio on iPad App

I am currently experiencing Choppy Audio on the iPad app using an iPad 3.  I've noticed this many times, but it is more apparent in certain types of music than others.


It sounds like the music is being played through a fan.  It's subtle, you have to listen carefully, but the singing-through-a-fan sound in undeniable in my opinion.


Currently I am streaming this

Paul McCreesh – Britten: A Hymn to the Virgin (1930, rev. 1934)


I am using Extreme mode.  I believe I have noticed this on offline-downloaded tracks as well.


It sounds like crap.  Please do something.

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Just tested that track - seems clean to me at the moment. Have you also tried it on a computer as well?

Do you think this thread might be related at all? -

Airhorn Enthusiast

The thread you cite is definitely not related.  The issue I am experiencing is audio quality, there is no actual interruption in the stream.  I will compare it on a computer and let you know if it sounds different than the iPad.


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