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Come on Spotify, finish this thing

Come on Spotify, finish this thing

I love Spotify. I love that the iPhone app is so fast and responsive, and I love that the library is so rich and full. But I hate how hard it is to actually listen to the music you want on the iPhone. I mean, it's really furstrating. It's like this service is so close to being perfect, that falling short is making me hate it.


I'm not really feeling like this app is doing much more for me than a $2 account would. Spotify's iphone app doesn't even support radio. In fact, it really only does two things: 1) let you search for and listen to specific songs/artists/albums and 2) let you listen to the playlists you've created/subscribed to on the desktop. I know that it's theoretically capable of a little more than that, but not in a meaningful way. The tools just aren't there. There's no way to search for playlists, you can't start a radio station based on the song you're listening to, there's no kind of library for saving and browsing artists you know you like.


I want to move all of my music listening to Spotify, but Spotify won't give me the tools to do it. Can I get an amen?


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I totally agree. That is where it is at. 

I agree for the most part, but I think in time they will grow to be a powerhouse. Hopefully they will listen to the community and keep making progress. I really do love Spotify. Heck, I recently bought a new car stereo just because it allows me to interface with Spotify lol.


My main issue is the clear cache buttons missing from Ipad and now after the newest update, the android app. I would also like the ability to be able to clear the cache without deleting offline songs.


Still, love the service for the most part, but I am curious about one thing. Why does the Ipad version of Spotify have less songs than the Desktop version?

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