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Completely baffled by Spotify and I Pod classic

Completely baffled by Spotify and I Pod classic

I am completely new to digital music. I have Spotify premium and have just bought an I Pod Classic to play the music on. I do not understand any of the directions for doing this. Examples that are given do not seem to match my experience. Is it even possible to transfer Spotify music onto an I Pod?

I have spent all day and am feeling useless and frustrated. Please can anyone advise in very simple terms if it is possible to get music onto the I Pod. Thanks


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You can only sync locally stored music to your ipod (i.e. downloaded/ripped mp3's, FLAc files etc). It is not possible to put music from the Spotify catalogue on an ipod classic for licensing reasons due to it being an offline device.


Firstly I suggest you check your ipod is in the list of supported models here.


If that's all OK then there's a guide on getting music onto your ipod on the help pages here.

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If you're using an iPod classic, you won't be able to play Spotify. You need an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone (from the Apple line of mobile products) to use Spotify.



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