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Constant Skipping and Pausing

Constant Skipping and Pausing


Iphone X

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


I've been looking around but haven't found a suitable solution for the following:

I purchased Sennheiser CX 5.00i - In-ear headphones a while ago, but while listening to Spotify the music constantly pauses, skips, pauses, plays, pauses and so on. It's been frustrating and I would appreciate if there was a solution to this issue. The headphones aren't that cheap and the problem only popped up since a few weeks, I assume an automatic update. 

I read about the functionality of the headphones plugging in to a broken access center, but these headphones are specifically desgined for the Iphone. Weirdly enough it has a 3,5 jack plug, which requires a Lightning to Jack adapter.

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Hey @Seller010_, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Yes that's true since it is an iPhone X it doesn't have an audio jack anymore. I would recommend trying with another adapter that is compatible with your iPhone X.


I'd also suggest updating to iOS 12.4 as it's the latest version of iOS released recently.


If the hardware part is fine try using the Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline devices from your Spotify account.


Note: Using the Remove Offline devices disables the download option for all devices but it doesn't deleteyour downloaded songs. You just simply have to flip the switch again for the downloaded songs to be made available again offline. The process will just take a few seconds.


Let me know how that goes 🙂

Hi Loxer,

Thank for your response, I appreciate it.
Unfortunately updating to 12.4 hasn't sorted the issue and neither has deleting the offline devices. Do you have any other ideas?

I just want to listen to my favorite music man...

I have iPhone X IOS 12.4 and Premium Spotify. I would like to turn off the controls when lock screen is on. When I am running and the phone is in my pocket, the button are getting pressed, causing the music to jump and pause. I have also tried reinstalling Spotify. 

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