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While listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack tonight from a followed playlist, it switched to a "suggested" song following two tracks off the soundtrack. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but my four year old daughter was listening and it changed it to Jay-Z's Tom Ford. As you can imagine, it's not child appropriate and she heard several things before I could rush to change it on my iphone. So- Suggestions for how to make this stop? Clearly I am very unhappy that it would change from a PG rated movie soundtrack to a track that (while I might listen to it outside of her presence) is NOT appropriate for children. How in the world do I fix this? It's absurd it even happened. 

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When playing from a playlist the app will only play that playlist. If it's out of songs it will start over if repeating is on. If not it will just stop playing. 


The suggestions that Spotify might give via the 'browse' button or so must be clicked before it starts playing.


If you don't recognize this behaiver please explain how to reproduce this error. 


As far as I know Spotify does not have a 'child-mode' kind of function which disables al 'explicit' content. 


Let me know if this helps/answers some of your questions 🙂

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