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I want to copy an entire playlist and add it to a new one, but it seems that is only possible on a computer. Am I missing something?
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Hey @-legolas21-, thanks for posting! 


You're right and don't miss anyting! 

The copy of the playlist is only possible in the desktop for now. 

But there is a live idea for the mobile app in the Ideas Board, you can leave your vote and comments there in support! It'll be very useful, I agree : )


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Don't just copy someone's playlist, to put it in your playlist. Doing that and calling it yours original isn't right. I have taken songs from other people's playlists and  same themed playlists to put on mine, but it's only a small percentage. If it's not the same themed playlist, it could be more and wouldn't matter. If you're going to take, or have taken whole playlists to put in yours, you should, at least give credit to the playlist that you took to add to yours, in the description area. I have noticed that someone copied my playlist, at least at a certain point, but probably did it from close to the beginning, because you can see how the songs are in the same order, minus on pe or two. At first, I noticed some of the same songs, in the same basic order as the song which I added that were added at the end of it. They were close to the end, but would have been at the end, if I hadn't added more songs. I also looked at the date of when it was last edited. I deleted songs on the end of mine, to get back to having the same song at the end, as the other playlist (temporarily), then I looked at the date of mine being last edited. Mine was edited first. So, I confirmed that this user had been copying my playlist. This user has around half of the followers that I do. Either way, it's still pretty lame. I took a lot of time, researching and listening, to make my playlist accurate. There were some people, when I started mine that already had the same theme, but they didn't take it very far, at all. I don't recall if I had knowledge of these other playlists, before starting mine; I just came up with the idea, on my own, knowing that I wanted to make this playlist. I also wanted to be accurate. I could only trust myself to do that, and so I did. This playlist is more than just for me, as most of mine are. It's for the fans. Here is the playlists, to show you what I mean. Mine is the first one.

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