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Could not load artist and album page

Could not load artist and album page

Hi, I am premium user, my iphone spotify could not load artist page from yesterday, but steaming is OK. I have reinstalled the app, but still it could not fix the problem.


error massage: could not load artist -- this artist is currently unavailable, please try again later.

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Have the same problem

Having the same problem.

"This artist is currently unavailable. Please try again later."


Recently I use my own itunes playlists more than spotify cause it mucks out so frequently


It's OK now. I seem that Spotify fixed the problem.

It still doesn't work on my Mac.... -.-

@WalkAway wrote:

It still doesn't work on my Mac.... -.-

Might be worth seeing if a quick clean reinstallation (including deleting the specified folders) would fix that for you? 



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It actually worked... Thanks!


I just hope it stays like this now...

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