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Daily Mixes on iPhone randomly disappear

Daily Mixes on iPhone randomly disappear






iPhone 8+

Operating System

iOS 14.4.2


My Question or Issue

i love the Daily Mixes and i use all 6 often.  but lately, they have been disappearing.  sometimes i can only see 2 or 3 of them on the Home screen of the Spotify app.  sometimes they are all gone.  I can see them on my Windows Desktop app.  i cannot find any pattern to when they disappear and reappear.


this seems to have started after an update, like when Spotify started to really try to shove other content on me (i really do not care to ever listen to Joe Rogan thank you).


(and do not ask me to do a clean reinstall, we all know that is just case/ticket deflection technique.)

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Hey there @furrycelt


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Could you let us know if you're able to see all the Daily Mixes in the Made for You section? 


Also, could you send the Spotify version you're currently running?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

i can see only *some* of the Daily Mixes in my "Made for You" section.  From early on with Spotify, i earned 6 daily mixes.  in the "Made for You" section, i only see 2 or 3 of them and they change from day to day. .... my GUESS is that they only show up in "Made for You" when they are refreshed.  this is annoying.  in the past, all 6 could be found together in the interface.  regardless of when they got refreshed.  since i love using these, i loved having them be in a predictable location.  it is annoying that now the home screen in Spotify has near zero predictability.  that makes for a bad UX.  though i guess it helps the vendor push content.  but i am a paying customer, i don't want stuff PUSHED on me (like that damn Joe Rogan podcast).  ... i liked when Spotify was more customer-centric.

Hi @furrycelt,


Thank you for posting on this thread. 


All personalized playlists analyze your music listening history and create them depending on the amount and diversity of your listening. If you constantly use the Offline Mode, this will affect your recommendations. 


However, if you listen to plenty of content and your Daily Mixes still don't show, please let us know if this happens across different devices. This will help us to better understand the issue. 


Keep us posted.

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