Daily mixes won’t play


Daily mixes won’t play





 United Kingdom 


iPhone 5S

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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 I’m trying to play my daily mix playlists and I keep getting a notification that says “Spotify can’t open this type of link on this device”. This has been happening repeatedly over the past week or so, but I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve seen lots of other similar messages from users but can’t find anything that says how to solve it. Would really appreciate any advice. Feel bereft without my daily mixes ☹️ Thanks. 

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Re: Daily mixes won’t play


Hey @Cosmicboy1969.


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community. We'll be glad to help you out :)


First, could you tell us how you are trying to access your Daily Mixes? You will normally find them under the Made For You tab in Your Library.


Alternatively, search for Daily Mix and then scroll down to Genres, where you should find a link to your Daily Mixes. Do they work when you try to play them from here?

Also, is this happening across all of your devices? If so, then could you try logging into another account (preferably a friend who has used Spotify for more than a few weeks) on one of those devices and seeing if the problem persists?

Looking forward to hearing back from you! 

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