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Disable Bluetooth Autoplay on iPhone

Disable Bluetooth Autoplay on iPhone

My apologies, as this is probably an old topic; but I don't see it, so....     I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee with UConnect 8.4, and I have Spotify premium running on my iPhone (iOS 10.3.1).  The phone and the car are connected via Bluetooth.  Whenever i start the car, the phone is automatically detected and connected via Bluetooth for hands-free opeation.  I do not want that to change.  Spotify, however, also automatically starts and begins playing music through the car system.  I do NOT want this...   I do not want Spotify to start until I tell it to do so.  I know I can turn down the volume, tell Siri to stop the music, hit the iPhone button twice, etc.; however, I want to stop Spotify from automatically starting in the first place.  There are no options in either my car's Bluetooth settings or the iPhone app or Bluetooth settings or the Spotify settings that I can find that will accomplish this.  This is a showstopper for me, and if I can't do it, I will remove Spotify and cancel my subscription.  If anyone has a solution, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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Hey @Infinium


Check out this detailed article on why this happens with car bluetooth and iOS and some solutions to stop it:


I think this is a feature / problem with iOS and not Spotify.


The same thing happens to me with my car and iPhone. I have my phone paired to the car's bluetooth so when I get in my phone automatically connects to the bluetooth of the car. What iOS does is if it connects and there is an active audio app in the background, it will automatically start playing. I've searched and there is no way to turn this off. For me it happens with Spotify and a few other audio apps I use.


The best solutions is to make sure you have the Spotify app or any other audio app comepletely closed out before you get in the car and the bluetooth automatically connects. If Spotify is closed out, but still in the background app switcher it will still auto play. It needs to be closed out. Someone had the same problem and when I suggested this it still auto played for them, so I have no idea.


Hopefully that helps. And hopefully Apple can add a setting to the bluetooth where it doesn't automatically start playing upon connection with a car. This problem only happens when I am using bluetooth in the car. Doesn't happen with a bluetooth speaker.

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