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Disabling device linking/syncing

Disabling device linking/syncing

I was driving home and listening to spotify on my phone in my car. Suddenly the music stops. I press play and its a completely different song. It turns out while I was listening my wife started spotify on the Amazon Echo at home and my music stopped when she started a different radio station. How can stop this from happening? I've looked though settings and nothing jumped out at me.
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You can sign off all devices if possible by following tutorial below.


Or you can upgrade to Spotify Family which costs $14.99 a month where you can have 1+5 users at the same time with a different Spotify accounts.

So my options are sign out and get ads on the echo or create a serperate account for it? **bleep** that. I'm canceling.

That happens to me too. This is a rip off you already pat $10 a month for this service you should be able to listen to it on multiple devices not pay an additional 5 bucks. I think I a going to check out Pandora offer.

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