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Dissapearing Playlist

Dissapearing Playlist

(((sorry if it's long)))


I have Spotify on my IPhone 5s and until a day or two ago I noticed that all of my playlists (I only have three, but I mainly listen to one) have dissapeared. I tried to find them anywhere I could think of and couldn't find any of them. So I checked on my laptop that also is logged into my account to see if it was just the application on my phone or not and surely enough all three playlists were on my laptop. Then I went back to my phone and just decided to remake the playlists but when I went to create a new playlists, all my other playlists were there! So by now I was totally confused and just started to listen to my main playlists, but about a minute into the first song the audio just stopped completely, and I had to set it back a couple of seconds for it to continue only for it to do it again a minute later. I tried a different song and it did the same as the first so then I just closed out the app and reopened it to try and fix it and all my playlists were gone again. Then I just deleted the app, reinstalled it, and logged back in, but all three were still missing. And now I'm here incredibly confused.


(((Again, sorry if its long)))

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Hi there @makothecat


I suggest you to contact the Spotify support in the link below:


If you get an email directing back to the Community forms reply back to the messages and the support will contact you soon. 

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