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Download Folder Missing

Download Folder Missing


Why doesn't my iPhone app have a "Downloads" folder? My friend has a folder that shows all her downloaded songs or albums. I have to manually search each song I want to hear and I'd rather have all my downloaded songs in one place.
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Hey @eharris1,


Spotify is always testing new things in order to improve, so sometimes your friend gets a feature that you don't get or it's the other way around:

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Apparently you're also testing removing features sometimes. I used to have a Downloads folder that disappeared after the last update (8.4.35).


Can I have it back please, or are you just trying to discourage users from using offline mode? (I have that feeling, since it's really difficult to use anyway)

What has happened to the download folder? I generally listen in off-line mode. It has disappeared in the last day or two!

Downloads option is missing on my iPhone too. Bring this back! It’s the only easy way to access downloads offline. 

Dude, put the download folder back, it’s a ness without it, I have to erase the whole spp grom my phone if I want to get rid of sone diwnloaded content sibce I can’t keep in mind all the single songs I downloaded!!

Have this problem too (iPhone SE) and am very irritated. Please bring the downloads-folder back. The Spotify app is not good organized and the downloads folder is the only helpful feature for me to use this app offline! 

I agree with everyone who has posted on this topic.

Ok, I found a way to filter just the download playlists. Go to library > playlists, then hold and drag down slowly and you'll then see the filter menu (three bars on top right). Click on the menu and filter by downloads. It doesn't show them by playlist cover, but it's still better than nothing.


Downloads Filter.jpg

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