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Download tab Disappeared

Download tab Disappeared

I cannot find the downloads tab on my Spotify. I cant think of a reason why they would delete it but it's a total inconvenience for me. I rely on Spotify for my commute and exploring new music. Downloads is a huge part of that as well. So please fix this!!!!!!

5 Replies

Totally agree, its super annoying have to go through a tonne of artists to know which ones have been downloaded when you step on the train. 

Also I would love if the downloads tab actually showed ALL the downloads, for some reason the formate is of the thumbnail and only shows the most recent ones you have downloaded.

they probably ditched the downloads filter to help the carriers charge you more data when playing music over the air accidentally... 

Ha yeah I wouldnt put it past them, however in the cases when you simply cant use data you reeeeeeeaally need that downloads tab. Hope they bring it back or and find a solution

In the mobile app you can drag down to get filter to appear and then filter by downloads. You need to to this separately for playlists, artists, albums and so on... SUPER ANNOYING. 


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