Downloaded music will not sync to iPhone

Downloaded music will not sync to iPhone


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I have downloaded some CDs to my music library on my Dell laptop.  I see the songs in the local files on the left side of the desktop app.  I have created at least five playlists (recreating the same list over and over to get it to work) to add songs from my local files to a playlist and eventually get to play them on my phone.  When I click to download, these do not show up in the playlist on my iPhone.  Then if I uncheck the download option the files no longer show up in the local files.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both the laptop and the phone.  I tired moving the files to a different folder then deleting them all out and re-downloading them to a different folder.  I see that the files are MP3 and are unprotected.  I have tired all suggestions in other threads related to this issue and still can't get the songs to show up on the iPhone.  And unless Spotify added Sewer Trout in the last 24 hours, I'm pretty sure that the songs are not included in their library.  I only have one wifi network at home and both devices are on that network.  I don't know what else to try, but thinking that the fact that once the download button is unchecked the song disappears from the local files library is curious and possibly related.  Please help me figure this out.





United States 


iPhone, Dell Latitude

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1, Windows 10


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I wanted to add that I just tried something.  I have an older macbook pro.  From the outdated macbook pro I can add the same songs from my iTunes library to a playlist and then it syncs up with the iPhone and then the song titles show up on the Dell, but are grayed out.  I don't ever use the mac and use the Dell for work 12 hours a day, so I want the music on the Dell.  I don't know why a 12 year old mac can sync up but a Dell that is less than a year old is having issues syncing my local files to a playlist so that it can be played on my phone or computer.  I don't know if this helps narrow down what the issue could be, but I thought I would throw it out there.  Thanks for any help.

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