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Downloaded songs not playing offline - iPhone

Downloaded songs not playing offline - iPhone

I've tried searching the forums and not come up with a solution to the my offline problem.

I am a Spotify Premium user, and none of my downloaded songs play offline.


I have tried:

  • Restarting my device
  • A clean reinstallation of Spotify
  • Redownloading all tracks
  • Changing download quality of tracks (and redownloading again)

Quite frustrating, any way to solve this issue?

9 Replies

This can't just be happening to me. It now appears that some of my songs play, and others do not despite all of them being downloaded for offline use.

I am still having this issue. Tracked marked, and downloaded for offline use to not play without cellular or wi-fi network. Multiple reinstallations have not helped.

I'm having a similar thing. I have set my Spotify to offline mode, and the setting on my iphone so that it doesn't use data but when I shuffle songs it continues to play songs that aren't offline.


I'm a bit weary that I'm going to end up with a hefty phone bill!!!!!

Just hopped on a plane today, and was sorley disappointed that all of my offline music wasn't available offline. 


Same, I am getting the same problem from a month or two. I have an ipod touch a 5th gen model. I also uninstalled it and Reinstalled it two or three times but no use.
I got a premium subscription since last year and I never had this problem. Is Annoying as hell.

Same on my iPhone.


Spotify is offline and I can't play my saved music, because "I didn't save _actual album_."

Playlists do exist in offline mode and I can play them.


But that's not nice on a plane or don't have connection.

I don't know if I can post a link to imgur to explain it better but that's how it looks on my iPod.

This is happening to me too! At first, I thought it was because I had an iPhone 4s & that it was just an old phone screwing up a lot of stuff. But I literally just got an iPhone 6s & it started doing it again. It's like I can't win, haha. I heard that maybe we have to reinstall the app, but no luck. Was kinda hoping that a tech support person would've saw this post & had an answer. But right now I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one suffering through it. 😭

Same issue here. On Blue Tooth in the truck, some downloaded songs do play. Sometimes, two in a row. Then nothing.

So, I pick up the phone - hit the shuffle button - go thru 2-6 songs until I find one that'll play and I have music again. Until it quits again. 

Also - doesn't seem to be "shuffling" too well, as I've heard "I'm Looking Through You" by the Beatles four nights in a row now driving home. 

This is probably some sort of illegal Obama wiretap. 

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