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'Downloads' disappeared from 'My Library'

'Downloads' disappeared from 'My Library'

This keeps happening to me, and its so frustrating - when I download an album I dont know where it goes anymore. There was always a 'downloads' option in 'my library' and now it has gone. Why?? Was this too simple an option that you felt you needed to complicate things? I dont want to have to search through tons of albums when im offline to find the ones that are actually available. Please can you tell me what is happening?? So close to cancelling my membership. Spotify should be getting better - not worse. Also can you please add an option to filter downloaded albums by 'recently added'? (if you havent already done so)

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Same problem on iOS since the last update. This is the only premium feature I care about and it's disappeared. Could we not have a "Donwloads" strip on the home screen?

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