Downloads will not remove from iPhone causing storage issues

Downloads will not remove from iPhone causing storage issues



Plan - Premium

Country - UK

Device - iPhone 6

Operating System - iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue


Dear Spotify Community


My phone storage is complety full. Whenever I attempt to remove downloads from Spotify by switching the Playlist/Album download sliders from green on, to grey off, receiving the message 'Remove from Downloads' and confirming by clicking Remove the albums remain downloaded on my device. 


When i filter Album downloads they still appear and the storage hasnt lowered at all. I have removed most of the albums from my list but they remain on the device, if i go into the album itself, each track still has the green download symbol next to it.


I've googled and attempted all measures, including delete Cache.


I currently cannot download any new albums or even take photos to show as an example... Ive managed all my apps to be reduced to only those required but the Spotify tracks are taking up all the space and i cannot do anything else with storage.


Please advise. 


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