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Enable microphone command prompt?

Enable microphone command prompt?

Hello, I was listening to Spotify on my iPad. I have the basic version with commercials. An offer popped up to watch a video to allow me to have 30 minutes of free, no ad listening. When I unlocked my iPad to click the offer, I had a message pop up that asked something about enabling the app. to be controlled by voice through my microphone. I think it asked if I wanted to enable it? I only scanned it really fast because I wanted to get to the ad offer before it expired. I clicked out of it quickly to accept the offer and once I was finished, I wanted to enable the control through mic option. I went looking in settings and I couldn't find it. I went to the settings tab on my iPad to try and enable, but it didn't have the option either. I'm afraid that Spotify won't prompt me again. How can I do this without the message? If not, will it prompt again or is it a "now or never" kind of deal? Or could I have misread it all together? Thank you. 😊

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