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Unable to login to Spotify on iPad and iPhone due to error 404. Working fine this morning. Thanks in advance for any help/updates
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Same problem here. Also can't use Spotify on Sonos at the moment. Says I have the wrong password (checked it five times, the password is correct).

Same problem

Back up running now


In case some users are still experiencing this, we're looking into these 404 errors. Click on the @SpotifyStatus link below for any updates.


EDIT - Things should be up and running fine now. Let me know if you're still getting Error 404.

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Today is the first day that i have been unable to log into spotify on either of my mobile devices or my computer. When I try to log in on both my iphone and android tablet i get the error 404 login error. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Yep, same issue here, can't login via mobile over wifi, 4G or LTE..... error 404.

I'm still getting this error.  Spotify has become the most painful service I pay for.

Same here. Its been about 30 mins and still getting error. Might just need to switch services. Maybe rdio.


About 5 minutes ago spotify ran perfectly, i disconnected from my wifi for a few minutes and when i reconnected and tried playing my music again it said i was offline. It tried to reconnect, but it failed. So I logged out of spotify, when trying to log back in "Error 404" came up. I tried checking my firewall, but everything was fine. Idk what proxies are exactly, but I don't think I use any of those. 


I don't get it, what's wrong?


Hey staff is looking into this.

Things should be back up and running now.

I lost all my playlists!

Yeah, I lost all of my playlists too... WTH.

@novadesigns Something different from the login issue occured with your account, it should also be all sorted now. Try logging in with your Spotify username and password. 

Hello. For 2 days I got a 404 error. I was finally able to log in today and all my playlists and starred songs, etc are gone. On my pc it shows me as "premium" (which is correct) but on my phone it has me under a "free trial". So confused, I was loving my premium! Please help. Thank you!

It still doesn't work, I removed and downloaded the app but it still says error 404

Hey, I know this is an old stream, but I just started having this problem with the new iOS8 and even now in the ios8.1 as well. I've done all the troubleshooting(cleared history, restarted the phone, and reinstalled the app ect.) Still hasn't fixed the issue. I can't get into my spotify on my windows 8 either.
I'm on an iPhone, and I am a spotify free user for now. I would like to go to premium, but I can't get into my stinkin account. Any help?

Hi David, my mate is still having trouble with this issue. I have a heap of knowlegde in the IT area my account and a few others are working on my computer, but my mates account does not seem to work at all on multiple computers. He has been paid for spotify multiple times  and still cant use it can this be fixed and can he be refunded!

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