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Error on different tabs with premium accounts

Error on different tabs with premium accounts






iPhone 4S

Operating System

iOS 9.3.6

Spotify Version


I've been using a free account for a long time in my iPhone 4S without any problem. Recently I've created a new premium account and I'm having several issues. I've been trying different things for the last 5 days with no success.


I'm able to log in, but Home tab displays "An error occurred" and Browse and Radio display "Page not found". Search and Your library tabs are ok and, if I perform a search, I can play songs.


Things I've tried:

- Log out and log in again.

- Reinstall spotify.

- If I log in with my previous free account, or any other free acount everything works ok.

- Log in with other premium account: same issues as with my premium account.

- Logging in to works ok.

- Remove access to all apps from the web site.

- Logging in using an iPhone 6s works ok.

- Using a different wifi connection. Tested both wifi connections with safari and both are ok.

- Restore to factory defaults the iPhone 4s and install Spotify again: same issues.


From what I understand, the issue is only happening with the iPhone 4s, and only with premium accounts. And I don't know what else I can do.

Has anybody any suggestion?


Thank you.

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Hey @CentroCoras ,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


If you're having trouble using Spotify on a device, you'll also need to make sure that particular device meets the current minimum system requirements.


Unfortunately, if your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements, it won't be possible to use Spotify and access Spotify content through the Spotify app or troubleshoot it properly.


You can check out Spotify's current minimum system requirements here.


Hope this clears things up!

MaximSpotify Star
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Hi @Maxim


First of all, thanks for your quick response.


I understand that new versions of the Spotify software are designed to work with a minimum version of iOS, but the version that's installed in my device is the highest available and compatible for its iOS version (9.3.6).


Also, I would like to point that my iPhone 4s does work perfectly with a free account, it only doesn't work with premium ones.


Regardless of this device doesn't meet the current requirements, Isn't that a bit weird?


Thank you.

Hey @CentroCoras,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the community and for sharing your troubleshooting process.


Unfortunately it's very likely that those issues are arising because of the phone itself. Spotify is currently supported on devices which are running iOS 13 at least. More info here. And I'm afraid to say that we can't guarantee that the app would be working properly or at all on older devices.


You can check out these support pages for more info on cancelling your Premium subscription and refund policies, if you can't use the premium account at this point.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.





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Thanks for your responses Spotify team.


Since Spotify doesn't provide support for any Spotify version running under iOS 13 anymore, Is there anyone from the community facing a similar problem than mine or with any clue about how to solve it?


Thanks in advance.

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