Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1


Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1

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Hi, recently my Spotify has started consuming an overwhelming amount of energy, I was really happy with my battery life while using Spotify but now just all of a sudden it's really bad. I've tried reinstalling the app but that didn't help. Might there be an update coming solving this issue?
Oh and I think the issue started about the same time as I decided to sync all my offline songs in extreme quality but I removed that and it didn't help.
Thanks for any help at all!

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Re: Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1


Same problem, 20% battery drained out in less than an hour of use and after killing the app the battery was still draining at a smaller rate . To stop the issue I had to uninstall Spotify.


there is a similar unresolved issue on iOS 9.3 



Re: Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1


Same problem. But on my phone it comes with an also very (!) exessive consumption of  my mobile bandwidth.


Spotify consumed nearly 3GB of mobile data within a few days, even though i disabled "mobile data download" in spotify and I only listen to offline songs when I'm not connected to wifi.


Only solution is setting Spotify to offline mode.


Anyone noticed similar behaviour?

Re: Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1

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iOS 9.3.1 has very bad battery life, for example I was listening to music on YouTube like an hour and half and 80% of my battery was gone. I would recommend you to downgrade back to 9.3 while Apple is still signing that firmware, downgrading back to 9.2.1 is not possible any longer. In my case 9.3 has much better battery life than 9.3.1.


iOS 9.3 IPSW - Direct download links for every iPhone and iPad:



Use iTunes, keep holding Shift keyboard button and click Restore, then select your downloaded 9.3 firmware and hit OK.

Re: Excessive battery drain iOS 9.3.1

I found that by disabling cellular data for Spotify, all my battery woes went away.
Probably has something to do with an overzealous/half-assed algorithm to sync play position between various devices