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Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"


Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"

Hey there folks,


Our design team has started exploring new ways to add items to "Your Library". This is why we'd love to hear your feedback on the new implementations, because those changes are done with the goal to better your experience on our platform.


The design may differ in either having a heart symbol or a plus sign with other subtle differences.


If you're part of this undertaking, post your constructive feedback in this thread and the relevant team will review it. 



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Top Answer

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback on the recent changes, we appreciate it! Rest assured that we're actively monitoring this thread and taking notes, so do keep on submitting your suggestions here!


So far, the following main areas of feedback have been taken taken into account and forwarded to the relevant team (this being a summary, with the actual report being more in-depth):

  • Adding a whole album to a playlist is really useful.
  • Swiping to add a song to the user's Liked Songs is practical.
  • Adding songs to other playlists works well, but adding songs to the Liked list now takes more actions, which isn't ideal.
  • The "heart" symbol in Now Playing view just looks visually better to you and makes it easier to tell if a track has been added specifically to your Liked Songs.
  • Tracks no longer having a "heart" symbol on the artist page or when viewing albums and playlists is dearly missed.
  • When tapping the "plus" symbol, the Liked Songs playlist should be deselected OR it should be separate from the "heart".

Don't worry - the current changes are something we're still testing out, so they aren't final. The purpose of these tests is exactly to help us improve the app thanks to your input. Gathering and evaluating all of your feedback may take some time as we don't want to miss any of it, so please give us a few weeks to process all of the information and get things finalized.

We'll continue to monitor this thread for your suggestions and pass them on to the relevant team. We'll keep you folks posted as soon as we have any new information to share.


Besides letting us know what you're missing from the recent changes, it'd be really helpful if you could point out what you really enjoy (or maybe want to see) in regards to adding songs/episodes to your playlists and library.

Thanks again for making Spotify better and apologies for any inconvenience for the time being!

519 Replies

Not particularly liking the new "Add to Liked Songs" thing... As mentioned below, I can't easily see if a song has already been liked.

Additionally, to like a song now is additional steps... I preferred to simply swipe left to like a song.

Please bring back the old method of using the heart icon to like songs the new method is incredibly clunky and does not serve as a significant replacement to the old method in fact it makes it significantly worse

On the iOS app I can no longer add a full album to a playlist. Why take away this feature? What have we done to deserve this punishment?


Also, when driving and using Car View, I used to be able to click the heart button to add a song to my Liked Songs playlist. Now it wants me to choose what playlist to add it to. I’m driving! This is way to distracting and unsafe. Do you want me to get in a wreck?!


I’ve never had issues so bad with the iOS app before. This is my first time ever posting about an issue. It’s that bad. Please fix.

Agreed bring back the heart button!! Absolutely hate having to click what library I want to add my song too if I just want to add it to my likes 

And will it return?


New moan. Not only can you not save albums to folders now but I just went to save a song instead so I can go back to it and it auto saves as ‘my playlist #2098, why would it not auto save as the artist or the song?!?

This is actually so annoying. Please bring back the ability to see songs liked. The app is so frustrating to use. I won’t use Spotify unless I am on my laptop now. 


They  got rid of the liked songs feature which is one of MY FAVORITE!! How do we vote to get it back???? I am seriously crying over here. wth spotify!! This is such a big change to just make on the fly!! 

Same issue here, only have the plus or minus sign now but on top of that using the plus and adding to my liked songs playlist does nothing. It gets a green check mark next to the playlist and hitting done it does not save as liked or get added to the playlist, big fail Spotify in multiple ways, bring back the heart and simplicity.






iPhone 12 Pro

Operating System

iOS 10.0.2


The like button (green heart icon) you know the one goes rainbow color when it’s pressed and turns green after, is gone. Anyone else who has had this issue and made a post about it here didn’t really get help and in the end it was said to be “expected behavior” but that’s just silly and I don’t accept that. This is obviously an intended feature on all platforms and versions, I don’t remember not having it before. This feature in the past even worked perfectly on apple car play, and it still currently works for me on my windows laptop and on my iPad which has the same version and logged into my account. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it multiple times, I’ve logged in and out, and even cleared the cache to no success. I find this to be a big issue and may make me switch to another streaming platform, this should not be expected behavior as it makes liking songs inconvenient which should be an easy thing to do, and to make a change that takes away a feature and adds inconvenience just isn't smart, so it doesn't seem intentional. Any help would be appreciated, like real troubleshooting or possible solutions I haven't tried to help get my hearts back!

These are the picturesSpotify iPad.jpgSpotify iPhone.pngSpotify windows.jpg

Please bring back the LIKE button. This one is good, but “like” is that I prefer to use






(iPhone 10

Operating System iOS 10


My Question or Issue

When viewing albums that I previously listened to, it doesnt show the songs I liked. Its not a big issue I guess but why even remove that? I liked being able to look at old albums and seeing what I liked/disliked.

Awful update, will be cancelling if it remains like this. Cannot add a whole album to a playlist and cannot like a song, has made my user experience rubbish

Plz bring back the Like button! Was the best way to keep track of songs I’ve heard before in random playlists

I hate it so much. I hate how I can’t see what songs I liked already. I love being able to see that on a new playlist shared by a friend. Or when i scroll through an album. 


I also hate that I can’t like the song quickly. I wanna quick and easy way to like the song. Adding more clicks makes it almost not worth it. 


I like the new button in that you can add a song to multiple playlists and see if it’s on a playlist already. But I don’t wanna give up my like button for it. If you implement it maybe make a new button. Leave the like button and add a second button in another place for adding to playlists. 



This is the only Spotify update that I have not liked… Please bring back the heart button, it’s hard for me to know which songs I like on an album vs which ones i don’t like !! I don’t want to use the hide song butting unless i absolutely HATE a song. Not liking and hating are totally different 😞

can I please not be part of this undertaking, the plus to add to a playlist doesn’t even work properly for me, the only way I can like a song is if I go to the liked songs playlist press add song and search for the song I want. I am absolutely unable to like new songs as I find them in other playlists, blends, and by searching. After I find them that way I need to memorize which songs I enjoyed and then add them one by one to my liked songs this is so aggravating and inconvenient.

The way Spotify has operated with Liked Songs is totally fine. An icon change is one thing, but overhauling the ability to "like" songs or see which songs are liked is a completely different thing.  

Nobody is asking for such a major change in functionality for something that works great today, so why is it even being considered (or worse, A/B tested on stable version users without their consent)? What is the benefit?  

Making the "Liked Songs" playlist behave like a regular playlist (e.g. not showing Liked status in other playlists or not being able to directly add to it with the heart button) erases its usefulness in user library management. This change is subtractive design, and not in the good sense. Your support channels would probably be overrun with users wondering why core functionality they've gotten used to for years is suddenly gone, for no obvious additive benefit to the user experience.

i just want the heart button back the new plus button is annoying and another step i like to feline my songs to bring them to the top of my playlist but it’s so much more frustrating to do that as i have to remove it from the playlist and re-add it. please just bring back the heart button

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