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Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"


Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"

Hey there folks,


Our design team has started exploring new ways to add items to "Your Library". This is why we'd love to hear your feedback on the new implementations, because those changes are done with the goal to better your experience on our platform.


The design may differ in either having a heart symbol or a plus sign with other subtle differences.


If you're part of this undertaking, post your constructive feedback in this thread and the relevant team will review it. 



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Top Answer

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback on the recent changes, we appreciate it! Rest assured that we're actively monitoring this thread and taking notes, so do keep on submitting your suggestions here!


So far, the following main areas of feedback have been taken taken into account and forwarded to the relevant team (this being a summary, with the actual report being more in-depth):

  • Adding a whole album to a playlist is really useful.
  • Swiping to add a song to the user's Liked Songs is practical.
  • Adding songs to other playlists works well, but adding songs to the Liked list now takes more actions, which isn't ideal.
  • The "heart" symbol in Now Playing view just looks visually better to you and makes it easier to tell if a track has been added specifically to your Liked Songs.
  • Tracks no longer having a "heart" symbol on the artist page or when viewing albums and playlists is dearly missed.
  • When tapping the "plus" symbol, the Liked Songs playlist should be deselected OR it should be separate from the "heart".

Don't worry - the current changes are something we're still testing out, so they aren't final. The purpose of these tests is exactly to help us improve the app thanks to your input. Gathering and evaluating all of your feedback may take some time as we don't want to miss any of it, so please give us a few weeks to process all of the information and get things finalized.

We'll continue to monitor this thread for your suggestions and pass them on to the relevant team. We'll keep you folks posted as soon as we have any new information to share.


Besides letting us know what you're missing from the recent changes, it'd be really helpful if you could point out what you really enjoy (or maybe want to see) in regards to adding songs/episodes to your playlists and library.

Thanks again for making Spotify better and apologies for any inconvenience for the time being!

519 Replies

Hey there. Recently it seems a new feature was removed when my Spotify was updated on iOS that I found was quite helpful. Want to say it was around since September but has been missing for 2 weeks now. When I would press on "Add to playlist" for a song, it would allow me to select multiple multiple playlists to add the song into by checking a Checkbox beside the playlist name. This was helpful while on the go because I often find myself adding a song to multiple playlists. It's reverted back to the old way of having to press the "Add to playlist" button and selecting a playlist and repeating the process each time for each playlist that I want to add the song to. 

Hi Dian, as someone who actively spends a copious amount of time sorting new and old songs into playlists, this was an awesome feature. By allowing users to add songs to multiple playlists at a time, with a tick system i felt a lot more efficient. But it’s disappeared and I’m devastated. The alternative is me spending forever trying to add songs to all of my individual playlists. Is there anyway we can get this back?


i understand people love the ‘likes’ system so here’s what I propose:

- include both the ‘tick box’ style system and a heart button on the ‘now playing’ screen. 

- stop automatically assigning songs to ‘liked songs’ section with the tick box system

- include a heart button on albums and individual projects

- allow for feature to add whole albums to playlists 


This tick box system really made my life that much easier!

Thank you.


I had the heart button replaced by the encircled plus sign, and I loved the change. Sure, if you just wanted to like a song, it took an extra step, but the feature allowed you to see what playlists the song was in without having to go through every single playlist. That was infinitely more useful than just liking a song, then trying to figure out if you'd put it into a relevant playlist or not. It helped me make sure that playlists would be distinct rather than winding up having the same five songs over and over. If I wanted to put the same song in two or three playlists, I could do it easily. More, if I accidentally put it into a playlist I didn't want it in, it was easily removed. No hunting around using the phone and the computer in tandem just to see where things were.

Sadly, the feature seems to have gone away, and now I'm stuck with the useless heart button and the old 'add to playlists' option that requires me to go through the process of adding the song to each playlist one at a time and having to hope I didn't put it in the wrong playlist by mistake.

I get that some users are too basic to need more than the 'liked music' playlist and whatever Spotify suggests for them. It's just too bad that this useful feature was lost for those of us who like to have some control over what we listen to.

The green mark check feature for adding/removing tracks to playlists was one of the best updates Spotify has ever implemented! It made it so incredibly easy to add/remove tracks as well as see if a track was already in another playlist or not. This feature made curating playlists so much easier and user-friendly. Please bring it back 🙂 I beg. 

I don’t care if the plus button is on the now playing screen or if you have to click ‘…’ then ‘add to playlist’ - I just want the tick box system back :’ (  organising my Spotify library has become 10x more time-consuming again and it’s really frustrating. I wish there was a way to know how long we have to wait for it to come back or if it will at all

I like being able to add to multiple playlist at once! I like the new system

Please bring back the saved check mark button! I’m begging you!!! It was the best! With one simple glance, I could easily add songs to multiple playlists, could quickly remove songs from multiple playlists, and see all the playlists that already have the song saved. The current process of simply adding a song to just one playlist is way too long.
I’ve been using Spotify for years and those few days with the saved button were the best days of my life! You can’t just give us a taste of heaven, then take it away!! Now every single day, I’m filled with rage while I use Spotify. Having to go through the tedious process of adding songs to one playlist at a time or the horrible process of seeing if I have already added it to a playlist, all while knowing that it could be so much easier.

I know people got upset that the Like heart button was gone on the update where you gave us the Save button, but why not make us both happy and give us BOTH BUTTONS!! Put the Saved check mark button on one side and the Liked heart button on the other. Just like how the Like and Hide buttons are set up on discover weekly, expect for make the hide button the Saved check mark button instead. (And probably switch the sides so people aren’t confused)

Thank you! (And I hope you have a good day:) )

I know everyone seems to hate this feature, but as a dj with 15+ playlists that saved me so much time when i hear a song and want to like it and add it to like three different playlists.  I would love if the plus button could maybe be brought back as an option so people could choose between it or the heart.

I actually preferred having the little plus sign instead of the heart, because it saved me from clicking "add to playlist" on every single playlist I wanted to add the song to. I hope the Spotify team brings back the plus sign or lets us have an option to swap between plus sign or heart.

Bring back the plus sign! It is way better and easier to add tracks to multiple playlists at once.

Does anyone know when they are planning to bring out an update? I miss the tick boxes so much. It was so much more efficient and user friendly for people with multiple playlists, they’d be mad not to make it a permanent feature

I want to be able to add a song to a playlist. That's all. I just want the Add to Playlist button back on every song.

I'm running Spotify version on Android 12. Previously I could look up a song and just add it to a playlist, but now only some songs have the Add To Playlist option available. I included screenshots of what I'm talking about.


This song has no option to add to playlists.This song has no option to add to playlists.


Touching the three dots takes me to another screen which also has no option to add to playlist anymore.




I know you know what the Add To Playlist button is because if I look up Beyonce, I still have the option to add her songs to a playlist.


This song has the option to add the song to playlists.This song has the option to add the song to playlists.


I don't understand why you're making it harder for users to make playlists through the Android app.


hello! i’ve had my spotify updated and yesterday night got the plus button instead of the heart. i was so happy because there’s finally an easy way to sort songs in multiple playlists. but… this morning it was gone and back to a heart. is there any way to get the plus button back? thanks!

i have an iphone







iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 16.3


My Question or Issue

In October, without permission or consent, I was moved into a test group that removed the like button from songs, removed swipe to like, and removed the heart icon showing which songs were liked. Functionality was later restored with another update. This is documented in this thread. There were over 500 angry comments.

With this most recent update, again without permission or consent, the same functionality has been removed. The only solution I’ve found is to sign out of the app and sign back in again *every single time* I open the app. I’m about to delete my account after over ten years of use. This is appalling customer service.

I’m not sure but think I’ve been impacted by a similar change - either w the 8.8.2 or 8.8.2 update to iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.1.1. The heart button was replaced with plus sign on the song currently playing interface- but functionality was also removed: when viewing album or playlist with liked songs, there is no visual identification of this. Additionally you cannot like a song except when it is currently playing; there’s no longer is any “like song” or similar item in the context menu next to a song wherever it appears listed- in search results, in album or playlist. This definitely impacts how I use Spotify in a negative way. Am fine with fine with the UI evolving but please do not remove important functionalities.


@handymonkey, i see the thread you linked to. Am I part this test group now or has Spotify rolled these changes out more widely despite the user feedback?


I haven’t tried logging out and in yet. Will do after I play through my current queue which I don’t want to lose - and incidentally have no way of saving to a playlist!

Add back ability to like all songs on an album at once. With the new shift on the liked function from a heart to plus symbol it removed the option to like all songs on an album at once. It also removed the ability to like a song from the search result screen. These were two reasons I made the switch to Spotify from YouTube music. Hope you see the value in the perspective. Thank you!!

Há umas duas semanas atrás apareceu um recurso onde, ao salvar uma música em uma playlist, já apareceram automaticamente quais outras playlists a música estava salva. E aí era só clicar nas diversas playlists que você queria colocar a música ! Tudo perfeito e mágico. Porém este recurso não está mais disponível. Quero saber como recuperá-lo ?
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Hey folks,


We wanted to let you know that there is a new announcement post that answers your questions and shows you how to use the new (+) Plus button. We'll be closing this thread here now.


We continue to welcome your feedback about this change over in the thread linked below:


The ♡ Heart button is being replaced with a (+) Plus button

MattSudaSpotify Star
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iPhone 11 

Operating System

iOS 16


My Question or Issue 


Before, when i like one of song, when i press heart button, it says “it added to liked songs” and at the right side it was saying “change direction” and i could add my liked song to platslist i want. 

but now there isnt any “change direction” link anymore. When i press heart icon, it just says “it added to liked songs”


how can i fix? Thank you.


Currently, in order to add every song from an album to a playlist, you have to click `Add` for each one individually


Adding the option to add each song in a album to a playlist, either through a right-click option, or a additonal button, would streamline the process

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