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Facebook Friends Not Showing In Friends List

Facebook Friends Not Showing In Friends List

I assume this issue is covered extensively in other threads but I wanted to give my explicit issue as it may not be.

I signed up to Spotify about a year or so ago but never used it. I have now signed up for a premium account and am completely loving it with no issues whatsoever.

My only gripe is that I have friends on Facebook that use Spotify but don't show in my friends list and I can't seem to understand why this is and how to add them manually. I only use Spotify on my iPhone 5 and iPad. Also if I decide to stop having a Facebook account will this cause my Spotify account to cease?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Can you not view any of your Facebook friends in the app at all? 

Do you have the Facebook app installed and updated on your devices (not sure if Spotify uses this or not, but worth checking!)? 



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