Followed Artist disappearing


Followed Artist disappearing

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iPhone 8

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I’m new to Spotify so I’m not sure if this is usual. But some of the artists I follow and appear on my list disappear after a while and I check back on the artist and it says that I haven’t followed them yet?


So for example I’ll follow Artist X and they’re on my list etc. and then I’ll check back in a couple of hours and they will be off my list and say a I haven’t followed them yet.

And I’ve noticed it’s always the same artists disappearing; some that I’ve followed stay followed but it’s always the same ones that seem to not stay so. 


Any help? Thanks

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Re: Followed Artist disappearing

Rising Star 18 ardacebi
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Hey @Jonathan-c2714,


Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the issue you're having.


This might be happening because of two reasons. The first one is that someone else using your account might be unfollowing them (someone who is your friend or you've given access intentionally). The second one is that your account has been hacked and someone else you don't know has been using and not liking those artists, unfollowing them. 


If you notice any of the following occurring on your account unexpectedly, your account may have been taken over.

  • Your password is no longer working.
  • The email address associated with your account has changed.
  • Playlists have disappeared or been added. 
  • Subscription changes (Note: We never display your full payment information).
  • Someone else's Facebook has been connected to your Spotify account.

Check out the steps under ‘What do I do if my account has been taken over?’ in this support article for what to do next.

Hope this helps!




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Re: Followed Artist disappearing

Casual Listener
Hi Arda

Thanks for the reply.

>From my description it definitely seems like that could be the case.
However I really highly doubt that someone else has been using my account?

I had just created the account and the issue was happening within a day of
creating it. I had not even a chance to share any of my details to anyone
of my friends.

And it's just the same artists that it keeps not letting me follow?
Everything is the same and everything still works fine and some/most of the
artists stay on my list permanently - they don't change and the playlists I
save don't change and the albums I download don't change. Really it's only
those specific artists that is the only problem. Seems highly unlikely to
me that someone is doing this on purpose.

Any more advice about what this could be? I do have quite a comprehensive
music range so perhaps maybe I'm trying to follow too many artists. Could
that be the case?

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