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Following Artists - only 100 out of 500 are showing under "Profile > Following"

Following Artists - only 100 out of 500 are showing under "Profile > Following"

Only 100 out of 500 Artists I'm Following are showing for me - I am stricly referring to the issue found in the "Profile > Following" section.

I understand that Artists I've started Following recently now show up in the "Your Music > Artists" section. 


A year ago, I spent hours Following all of the Artists I like, and it seems all of that was for nothing. Now there are 400 Artists I'm forgetting about - unable to find.


I am a premium member and I feel as though I'm paying the full subscription but only receiving 1/5 of your service.


When I initially purchased my subscription, I came into it embracing that Spotify would be my sole source of music, and that I could find everything I'm looking for with ease. I no longer feel this way and I'm considering canceling my subscription.



I also don't understand how the iPad app doesn't even have the option to show the Artists I'm Following.

Will the Following issues be solved? Will the iPad app be fixed? - When? How? What steps are being taken to resolve these problems?
Please provide all the details, as I am hoping I can reconsider continuing my subscription.

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This is a recognised bug, it's been escalated and the team is looking into it!

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