For those that use Spotify in the car


For those that use Spotify in the car

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‎2013-08-12 10:20 PM

My current car setup is an Alpine head unit with two inputs, one with a 3.5mm headphone jack output which I currently use to listen to Spotify on my budget-level Android phone. My Alpine deck also has an iPod setting which plugs into the dock of iPod for a more clean sound. The sound is vastly superior to what I hear coming out of the 3.5mm jack.


So I think I'm going to purchase a used iPod touch that can run Spotify(I'm not going to buy an iPhone). My question is whether Spotify would work while using the iPod dock. Because when I plug my standard iPod into the dock, the controls on the iPod become disabled and I can only control it from the stereo head unit controls.


So I'm wondering if anyone has a setup like this, Spotify on an iPod Touch or even iPhone plugged into a car stereo with an iPod dock. Have you encountered any problems?

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Re: For those that use Spotify in the car

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‎2013-08-12 10:26 PM

To my knowledge Spotify do not officially support any form is USB connection for content delivery, apart from with Ford AppLink so how smoothly the system works is often down to the individual system. 


My car only has AUX-IN so I don't have any experience myself. 



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Re: For those that use Spotify in the car

‎2013-08-16 02:57 AM

The Spotify app works just fine over my Kenwood's iPod function. The head unit buttons all work to navigate between songs in the app :)

Re: For those that use Spotify in the car

‎2015-01-31 06:48 PM

What model Kendwood do you have? Did you have to install the kenwood music controller app? Thanks!



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Re: For those that use Spotify in the car

‎2017-06-15 11:08 PM
Just to share my solution...I've got a Kenwood DDX5016DAB which has the Spotify Link App on it. The idea is that you can control he Spotify app through the screen. My problem was that I could connect to the unit but each time I tried to play something, it would just play for a few seconds and then stop. This is how I got around it...

1. When connecting the phone to the head unit, there are two options either: Bluetooth and MHL or just Bluetooth...

2. I had been using the Bluetooth an MHL option all along and that's why it would do that...I switched it to Bluetooth only and now the Spotify Link Function works perfectly!