(Free Spotify) Playlists - Shuffle Vs. Play

(Free Spotify) Playlists - Shuffle Vs. Play







Operating System

iOS 11.4.1


My Question or Issue

 I've been using Spotify on my iPhone and I've noticed that some Spotify playlists have a big green button that says either  "Shuffle Play" which shuffles all the songs int he playlist or "Play" which plays the playlist from start to finish.


My question is: how do I shuffle playlists that say "Play" on them? There doesn't seem to be a button or an option and doesn't seem to be any consistency on what playlists are automatically shuffled and which are not. (I've seen one Spotify-made playlist that says "Shuffle Play" and another Spotify-made playlist that has "Play" on it). I've attached screenshots to show what I'm seeing on the "Play" playlist.

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Hey @DigimonTamer, welcome to the community!


Spotify is always experimenting with new ways to use Spotify from an interface perspective. Sometimes this can result in some inconsistencies that get solved eventually.


If you'd like to request that a shuffle button gets put in, feel free to make a post in the Ideas board, and the broader community will be able to vote on it.


Hope this helps! 

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