Friends Feed / Publish Activity


Friends Feed / Publish Activity


Hey guys, I have this the following problem since a week when using Spotify on iOS.


All of my friends could see the music I am listening to.

I tried reinstalling the app, relogging into my account, turning "publish activity" on and off again and nothing worked.


This problem occured since I logged into my Spotify account on my PC last week. After that the music I listen to on my iPhone won't show in the friends feed of my followers.

Before that everything worked fine.


Already looked throught the forum but there were only messages from months ago, which Spotify workers told them that they are working to solve an issue. But I don't think that I have this issue.


Thanks im advance, Johnny

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Hey! Thanks for coming to the community for help 🙂

This is currently being looked into as an ongoing issue! If you're having this problem, make sure to click "vote" on this thread!


Hopefully this helps! (and if it does, marking this as a "solution" will make it easier for others with the same problem to find)