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Friends missing on iPhone , which appear on Desktop app

Friends missing on iPhone , which appear on Desktop app

I just noticed that friends of mine are missing in the iPhone version, though these people appear in the Desktop(OSX) version.

I've subscribed to a playlist of one of them, which I can still play on my iPhone.

I've tried restarting and logging out the iPhone app to no avail.

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have this problem too , No faacebook friends anymore 😞 so all cool playlist are gone .


Since today 2013-11-26


Premui aaccount ,otherwise app works .

It is a known issue with the most recent iOS applications not having non-Facebook friends visible. I have asked about it in the past and the vague response from Spotify was it is linked to the roll out of the Follow features we have on desktop to mobile applications. 


I will continue to ask about it, but looks like its a waiting game for the time being!

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I contacted support .


The fixed something it's half fixed .


I can go in under Me > Facebook > friends and sudenly my friends are ther followed to !


I can from there go to each one of them . And listen to thier playlist OK.


Before they fixed things I noticed another error i had sudenly followed every artist i ever listened to yikess :~ !?!

The thing is that I had not done this so wtf ?


But under Me i have "0 Following" And No recently played artist ?


So they wiped my history ?


I expect the fix to be like :


As it was before a tab with friend in the app .

Or if thats impossible (some law of physics prevents it) at least they should apper under followed .

But the problem with that is if you follow artisst they get burried there and you never find them .

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