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Fu**ing clear cache function

Fu**ing clear cache function

People are asking for years(!!!) now, so how about you finally implementing it? If someone doesn‘t want to have his storage full of junk memory on the one hand but also, understandably, doesn’t want to go through the hassle of deleting and reinstalling the app since it would mean downloading all the favorite albums for offline listening again, it makes the app basically useless for checking music out online. So what are we paying for? I won’t even start with the horrible “add to waiting list”-feature, which also has been discussed and requested to change for years (!!!) now, without Spotify giving a **bleep** **bleep** as well.


The only reason I switched to Spotify from my former streaming service is the availability of a couple of albums I really like and i’m shocked about how horrible your user interface and, more than anything, the customer support are in comparison. Can’t believe Spotify is market leader. You don’t deserve it. Can’t wait to switch back as soon as my former provider hopefully renewed its licenses for mentioned albums. Customer support is key and Spotify just doesn’t care.

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