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Gaps between songs

Gaps between songs

Hello! I listen to music from my liked songs in the car, and i’m very picky about what i play in front of my dad, so i shuffle around a lot. Ir annoys me when the song immediately starts playing after i switch songs, and it also makes my dad go “oh, just leave it, stop shuffling around”. Is there a way to get a gap between songs? I’ve turned off gapless playback, but it still does the same thing.

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Hey @p01s0n_b4by,


I did some research for your issue and it is not possible to add / adjust a "gap" between a song, some songs have gaps at the end/beginning some don't, it depends on how the artist recorded the song. 


But you can make a post in the ideas board, and if enough users vote it up the Staff will look into it.


Hope I could help you. Have a nice day 😄

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