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Get rid of Podcast

Get rid of Podcast

I've had two podcasts that I listened to and ended up disliking. They won't disappear from my homescreen even though one really upset me. I even gave them a one star review (which I think is unfair to the podcasts) and they still won't go away. I don't even listen to most of these podcasts, I mostly listen to music!


How do I get rid of them? If I keep seeing this every time I open the app, I'm going to need to cancel my subscription, because I keep getting reminded of shows that made me upset. Please help. All the podcasts at the topAll the podcasts at the top

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Hi @el-reino94! Thanks for reaching out to the community and welcome! 


We're sorry that you're experiencing this. The shortcuts start showing up when you listen to a playlist or album, and the more you listen to it, the more it'll show up on your home. That's the shortcut's idea, it gives you an easy way to access the most listened playlist, album or even the most recent playlist/album played. So the best way to get rid of it is listening to songs from playlists or albums you normally already listen to, if you already do it, just keep it up! And any time it'll disappear.

Keep us posted on how you get on. I'll be here if you need any other help or question!


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  1. I’m with you. At this point I just listen on Apple podcasts. 

This response isn't true at all. I have never listened to the podcast that appears on my list. They assumed I would listen to it I guess cause I like sports. PMT it's trash 🗑️. It's embarrassing it keeps showing up. Fun part is I have never listened to the podcast. I do however listen to a ton of podcasts that never show up. It's some kind of push from Spotify. I never pulled this garbage I literally hate the entire network of Barstool and would never listen to any of their **bleep**. Yet every time I open up my Spotify there it is.  Please let us remove this garbage. Better yet don't suggest stuff we haven't listened to. 

Hey @Leroyp33,


What you can try is look for the podcast in the Podcasts & Shows tab of your Home feed. If you find an episode you aren't interested in, you can tap the three dots menu > Not interested. More info in the Status Update here.



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