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Getting songs spotify doesn't have

Getting songs spotify doesn't have

I'm trying to find Shane Dawson's song "this Christmas life" but it's not coming up when I search it. Am I doing something wrong? If not does spotify just not have that song? Is there a way I can ask spotify to get it?
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Hey @Kattylol2001


Let me start by offering you a warm welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂


If the track is available it should show once you've used the search bar in the top left of the desktop app. Unfortunately, it looks like the track isn't available on Spotify right now. Hopefully we'll have it available for you to enjoy soon, but we have some more info on missing content here.


I hope that helps out, but do let me know if you have any more questions.

Can Spotify get better albums by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?  Surely they aren't difficult to negotiate with.  



Consider the Lilies (2003)

Heavensong (2010)

Love is Spoken Here (2004)

Then Sings My Soul (2006)

Peace LIke a River (2004)


Those are some of their best recent albums...  Please get them in!

Yes!  Please get these albums!  Good stuff from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is like the one thing Spotify needs to be perfect for me!


Men of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is also a great album Spotify needs to get.




Want put Robin Whittaker song ft Robert zing on spiritual also Mc Brains ft boyz to men the sequel on mc brains album lovers lane

Spotify need Robin Whittaker and Robert Zong from YouTube on

Spotify is a great way to hear music. But I cant find all the songs/albums that like. Which kinda sucks like "Miss Marry Mack" by Juicy J and "Whole thang" by the same artist as the other song. But other than that I'm still enjoying spotify

Or there should be a folder where you can put local files. But the files save on the folder and would be able to play the songs that are saved in the file on any device with the same account. Consider that Idea Spotify, and a reply would be nice.

the whole acid rap album by chance the rapper ft. childish gambino

Can you add songs from Barbie movies? My baby sister loves them! Specifically from the movies:
• Barbie and the Diamond Castle
• Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper

I have been looking up a song to the sky by owl city and I'm surprised that it's not there. I mean owl city is one of the most popular modern band and they have a lot of good songs.

Can you please consider getting Acrassicauda-Garden on stones, don't get many pure heavy metal songs like this these days

Acrassicauda has a new album with 12 songs, but I was looking for their 1st album it only has 4 songs and one of those is Garden of Stones. I would really like this in my Playlist. Thanks in advance.

I want the song "The Internet is Here" by Dan and Phil to be on spotify.. Or am i doing something wrong.. If it isn't on spotify can you add it? 🙂


I love Spotify and it's a great app to have on the run!

All I wanted to say was that I couldn't find some of my favorite songs on Spotify!

Such as:

Code Geass-Colors


Koutetsujou No Kabaneri OP 1.... This version:


Because I Love Those Songs!

That'ss The Reason I Got Spotify, To Listen To That Kind Of Music.


Leaf Out!


Spotify really needs to get "You Sexy Dancer" by the Rockford Files on there asap. It's ruining my Clubbing Youth playlist by not being on there!

I'm trying to find the Dr. Phunk remixes of Hardwell 3 songs called run wild, nothing can hold us and apollo.  but it's not coming up when I search it. Am I doing something wrong? If not does spotify just not have thosse remixes? Is there a way I can ask spotify to get them on

can you guys get 

Big spender by asap rocky

Ballin Ft.castro by logic

can you please either search for and send the link, or get song "I can tell" by 504 boyz please

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