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Google Home / Chromecast Audio Stops Playing, Skips

Google Home / Chromecast Audio Stops Playing, Skips


Seen this issue scattered all over as far back as 2013; most marked as Solved/Fixed from an update of the lastest version of Spotify. Not the case for me.


When casting to a Google Home or Chromecast Audio the music will begin to play and then suddenly stop. The track timer will continue to move forward and then suddenly skip to the next song. Most of the time the new song will not play sound, and then eventually skip to yet enother new song. If it does play it will skip after a few seconds. Continuosly repeating this problem.


For the record this is a Spotify specific problem. All other services played perfectly through the CCA. I returned the CCA since it was useless to me and recently accquired a Google Home Mini. Exact same problem.


Now the interesting part is that I had this solution fixed at one point when I only had CCA. Found a solution in the community somewhere to unlink my devices in Google Home App on iOS and then re-link them. Worked fine until I added a Chromecast (TV) to my Google Home App. The exact same problem came back. Funny thing is that there is no problem at all with streaming Spotify with the Chromecast attched to my television. I have tried completely wiping all devices from my Google Home App and factory resest them all. I have also tried using a different Google account.


I've re-installed Spotify on iOS & Mac OS. Tried new accounts and test accounts from Spotify support on Twitter. I've been through the support script of useless rebooting and reinstalling with them. Cleared the cache. Changed from 2.4ghz Wifi to 5ghz Wifi. Changed the channels of both of those wifis. Moved the casting devices closer to the router. Streamed from iOS, Desktop and Web all with the same problem. Verified all firmware is up to date (Google Home Mini and CCA).


How can the Spotify logo be on the side of the box for these devices when they clearly do not work?? I've exhausted every possible solution I can think of this SPOTIFY ISSUE. Please help, losing faith in Spoitfy Premium.

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I am convinced Spotify doesn't care... they must be developing a competitive ecosystem to chromecast.

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