HELP Spotify Mobile Bitrate

HELP Spotify Mobile Bitrate

After much research, I decided to get spotify premium since it is the best music service.

However, I wanted to know if Spotify streams 320kbps quality audio to both desktop AND MOBILE in premium. I heard that 320 kbps is only for desktop and 160kbps is for mobile even in PREMIUM. Somebody please help me. Because I am an audiophile, I ABSOLUTELY NEED 320 kbps in BOTH DESKTOP AND MOBILE. Thanks in advance

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Yes, it is available in both.  Assuming you have an iOS mobile device.  I believe the new beta/preview version of the android app has 320kbps also.

tjb is correct - on both iOS and the Android preview version of Spotify, there are three audio settings.

* Low (Around 96kbps)
* Normal (Around 160kbps)
* High / Extreme (Around 320kbps)

Hope this helps.

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Hi, is there a way to know the bitrate of the track you're listening to (both mobile and desktop)? I read that not all tracks are available at 320kbit. I believe most are 160kbit right? At least it seems.



Currently 99,9 % of Spotify catalogue is in 320 kbps.


However this warning is sitting on site because new songs are first in 160 kbps and then some hours after in 96 and 320 kbps too. All songs are encoded from lossless format.

I honestly don't understand what you mean. Are all songs in 320kbit or not? I'm listening right now with the android app (extreme set) and the bitrate is definetely NOT 320kbit! It's a 2009 song.

99,9% of songs in Spotify catalogue are in 320 kbps. However new songs in catalogue are added firstly in 160 kbps, then 320 kbps and 96 kbps. This is why in site Spotify say *not all songs*. But I can promise you, all songs are converted in no time to all formats from lossless audio.


In other words there is every hour a small piece of tracks that are currently waiting encoding process to better 320 kbps quality. Spotify receive 1,000-10,000 (or more) songs everyday. So firstly songs are added in low quality and then in some hours to 320 kbps quality too.


Some old tracks of course sound very poor, you know, this old time music...

Got it!

Is there a way to know the bitrate of the song streamed?

Not officially.


But you can check quality in Windows Desktop Spotify, remove cache, then just open Spotify Console. Then download track(s) to Offline and you can see a bitrate. You can Google how to use Spotify Console. Also I can Google this for you, if you want so.


Keep in mind that the actual quality varies from song to song, also if record label send a bad lossless tracks, those Spotify tracks are also bad then... But you can send bad track(s) to Spotify via Contact form and then Spotify contact to record label and ask for resend song(s) in better quality.

Hey, I write a guide for you how you check a bitrate.


However, this guide is for Windows.

hey, i have checked now over 30 titels. not one has 320 kbit/s - all have 240 kbit. not good enough for the money it costs every month. emilaugust

That's interesting to know. How did you check?

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