Help, my playlist is haunted by a Japanese letters

Help, my playlist is haunted by a Japanese letters




Staying in South Korea 



Operating System



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My ios app suddenly changes espanol to Japanese.

I'm currently living in South Korea and using premium.


Changed ios language setting to English-espanol in order,

but the songs in my playlist still is japanese.

If I 'go the the album', it is English, fortunately,

so I remove the japan lettered song from the playlist

and add the same spanish song again,

it change into freaking japanese in my playlist.


My desktop app is also happening this too.

(Maybe bcus of the 'connet to a device' function?)

Anyway plz find some ways to change my playlist back to English.

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Hey @Jason132134, welcome to our Spotify Community!


That's odd. We'd recommend reinstalling the app by following the steps at This should help you out.


Take care 🙂


Hey @Jason132134.


Thanks for flagging this up with us. We've reported it to the right folks 🙂


Just as a heads up, we make all content available in whatever form it’s given to us by the artist or label.


Hope that clears things up! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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