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How can I delete downloaded music?


How can I delete downloaded music?

I saved some music in my library and switiched the "availibel offline" button to green. Now I see in front of the songs a little green arrow which shows me that the song is available offline.


The question is how can I delete the downloaded songs without deleting the album from my library? Switiching the "availible offline" button back to gray has no effect. They are still availible offline. There is still the green arrow in front of the songs.... 


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Where you able to find a solution? I have the same exact problem.

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Hey there,

The song should disappear automatically after a while if oyu unticked available offline.

If you are in a rush just clear the cache. The reason for that is in case you untick it for offline accidentally.


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You may try clearing the cache from the settings or re-install the app. 

I don't know how i can clean the cache on the iphone. I didn't find a setting for that. But reinstalling the app solved the problem. Thank you for your help.

It should disappear after a while, I had the same problem before, but I just restarted and then it disappeared. And to not delete it from your library you have to save it, if I'm right it's in "my music" you're talking about?

I have this problem, and Spotify does not seem to recognize that it can clear any of the files I no longer have marked for offline. There are many remnant albums that are no longer marked as offline, but the songs remain.  Yet when I try to sync new songs from playlists, it says I have too many downloaded.  I have a slow internet connection so deleting everything and re-downloading is not an option.  Is there any other way to force clearing of only unmarked songs?

What I've realized is that if you are using Spotify on your phone, you need to turn the offline switch to 'on' (green), then you need to go into your library, and look around at your artists, albums, or individual songs. The ones that you downloaded are going to have a little green arrow underneath the artist/album/song name. (Some albums or artists may have a gray arrow next to them, meaning that that artist/album was only partially downloaded.) Anyways, off to the right of the artist/album/song title, you'll see the 3 little vertical dots, these the options for that specific selection. If you click the options, you can select 'remove download' and once you've done that, the download will no longer exist in your phone's storage, but it will remain saved in your Spotify library, so you don't need to clear your cache or data at all. Hope this helps anyone who may be confused!

This solution did not work at all for me. While browsing my library by songs, I chose the 'options' icon (three *horizontal* dots) next to individual downloaded songs (from Artists/Albums set to "Download"/"Available Offline"), and there was no "Remove Download" option available -- only "Remove," which removed the songs from my library all together.


I'm rather frustrated with this lack of a simple, direct, GUI-native solution, since I have many albums that I would like to keep saved to my library in their entirety, but of which I would only like a select few songs available offline (due to limitations in available memory on my device).  Nor do I want to go to the trouble to add all of the hundreds of songs that I want available offline to a dedicated playlist simply for this purpose.


...anyone else??


FYI, I'm using Spotify v6.8.0.37XX on iOS v10.1.1


I apologize, I think the solution I gave must only work for Android then, given that you're using iPhone. And it is 3 vertical dots for mine, must be 3 horizontal for iOS. So if anyone reading this has Android, you're in the clear. Good luck, iPhone users!
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Where you able to find a solution? I have the same exact problem.

Use the Remove Download option that someone suggested before. If you don't have that option it's because your spotify is out of date. You need to have version 7.8 or above to Remove Downloads

Easy, open the playlist.
Top right there are three dots. Click on these and a selection panel will open.
Select edit. All the tracks will have a red circle on the left.
Select the track you want to delete . I do this on my iPhone.

Open the playlist
Top right there are three dots, click here, a selection box will open
Select edit, all tracks will have a red dot next to them.
Select the track you want to delete.
It works on my iPhone

I'm afraid it's exactly the same with my Android. No 'remove download' but just 'remove' that makes the song dissappear totally from my lists on all devices.

I'd like to undownload the offline songs on my android but be able to keep them for online playing. In this case, is it safe to delete cache and saved data. I don't want my whole list to dissapear.

Your solution doesn't work for android either. I also don't have "Remove download", only "Remove" which deletes the song from my library entirely. I just want to remove downloads, not delete songs... this is so frustrating. I can't clear space on my phone because of this. Thinking of just ditching Spotify and cancelling my membership. 

Thats what you get for using IOS lol

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I had same problem; Spotify informed me that I could only download to three devices so it forced a delete of my Kindle songs. 

What I did then was to login to my account on their website, and chose to remove one of the devices to store to. I suspect that tonight I'll be able to reload to my Kindle. No need for downloads on my PC anyhow, as it's always online.

What do you mean restarted? How do I restart?

I know this is an old post but I think this is useful to add for future readers.

This commonly happens if that song has been set to be downloaded as part of another set of music. For example, if you have saved a playlist myPlaylist for offline use and you go to an the album for one of the songs in that playlist and save the album for offline use, when you uncheck the switch to keep the album offline, the song from myPlaylist will still be saved for offline use. The downloaded icon will still show because that is a fact about the song, not the album or the action you have just taken.

I suggest you check to see if any of the playlists you've saved for offline include that song. 

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