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How can I listen to playlist on iphone ?

How can I listen to playlist on iphone ?

Hi I am trying to upload a few C.D's I own to computer so that I can listen to them on Spotify on my iphone. For my wedding we are having a musician play but when he is not playing we can plug our phone into the venues music system to have it play. They said we can connect our music through iphone. My laptop will not download iTunes so I am looking for alternate ways to get music on my phone and came across Spotify. I made account (not premium) and downloaded app on my iphone. I figured out how to "rip" the C.D in mp3 format so that I can listen to it on Spotify. 


Here is where I am confused. I have no idea how to get the music on my iphone app. The app shows the playlist I titled "wedding music" but does not show any songs; just says "add songs" from the app. 


How do I do this???? Do I need to have premium to listen to my C.D's on my iPhone through Spotify? 


Please someone explain what I need to do to make this work!


P.s - I am not buying Premium I only want to do this if it is free because I am only doing this for a few songs to be played at my wedding. 



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HI @acirsas and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Yes, Premium would be required in order to download songs to your devices. Since you do not wish to go that route, I know of no other way through Spotify other than streaming the songs for free (with ads).

If you can't download itunes through your laptop -or access on someone else's- have you looked into transferring the files with icloud or google drive? If you stored the audio files to a cloud service, you could access them via your phone without needing to sync with itunes.

Good luck and I hope you can find an ideal solution for your big day! 🙂

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