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How can i get new UI for spotify?

How can i get new UI for spotify?

hey dudes

why I didn’t get new UI at spotify? My friends has get new UI but me I didn’t get, i try beta and alpha and i deleted it with reinstall but no point 😞

premium subscription and my device iPhone 7 plus

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Hi @Kyntama

Spotify usually gradually update users instead of pushing the update to all users at the same time. Often the update gets toggled on the server side instead of your app, so updating/reinstalling the app does not have an effect. Unfortunately, there is no way to force it for now. Just wait a little bit longer, it should appear soon.

Happy listening 🙂

Be happy and keep the old version!

the new one is terrible

Unfortunately, the terrible one is my first, as I subscribed to Spotify in December 2018, :o(

Thank you for the answer.

All the best,


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