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How do I know I'm not showing my activity on Facebook?

How do I know I'm not showing my activity on Facebook?

I was shocked to see on a friend's Facebook the message that "David listened to such and such on Spotify." It is not my intention to share ANYTHING, EVER unless I specifically post it or send it to someone. This is not acceptable. On the desktop app, I see an option to have a private session, but where's the equivalent on the iPhone app?


On a related topic, it's totally outrageous that a session goes non-private "due to inactivity? Really??? Due to inactivity you are going to start sharing m private data??


I'm a premium subscriber, but this is the kind of thing that will eventually send me to Mog if it's not made right.   


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Hi there,


You can choose whether or not to share your activity on Facebook within your Preferences page. 


Just go to Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac) and unselect 'Show what I listen to on Facebook'. 


This change is permanent within your settings until you change it--this Facebook sharing setting cannot be changed due to inactivity. However, the 'Private Session' is something that needs to be selected upon every new log in. 



The "Show on Facebook" and "Private Session" settings are available also on the iPhone app. Just go to Settings and you'll see them.

Thanks for the reply.


Here's the problem with the "private session" default setting: Making me opt-out EVERY time has nothing to do with the needs of the customer and everything to do with Spotify trying to get me to behave in a certain way. Your customers are not a platform to be leveraged, we are human beings. We don't like being treated like cattle. A policy that seeks to undermine our preferences may seem like a good idea, and may even pay short-term dividends, but is not a good long-term strategy. The tide is turning on privacy issues, and it would be smart to pay attention.


The jury is still out on you guys. I love your service and hope you'll do the right thing.

You don't need to opt out every time, because you can just disable sharing with facebook permanently.  The private session setting is for people that only want to disable it temporarily.

Great point ... But I would like to be able to share playlists with Facebook contacts when I choose to. it's about having control and sharing only when I choose to. I find the repeated opt-out of sharing feature to be really creepy.

You should still be able to share playlists and whatnot with people on facebook, even with the setting off.  As far as I can tell, the "show what i listen to on facebook" feature just posts which songs you are listening to. Click edit on Spotify > App activity privacy > Only me Click edit on Spotify > App activity privacy > Only me This should work

Where is this edit and preferences tab?  I cant find it on my ipad or the PC?

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